Antonio Conte shares his thoughts on Son Heung-min regarding his recent goalscoring drought

Antonio Conte shares his thoughts on Son Heung-min regarding his recent goalscoring drought

Son Heung-min, who was the joint-top scorer in the Premier League last season, has yet to score in the current campaign after another goalless midweek in the Champions League.

Son Heung-min is angry and unconfident, according to Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, but he has his support to do what top players do and end his goal drought.

The South Korean player, 30, has gone eight games without scoring.

Son’s goal drought comes after he and Mohamed Salah of Liverpool shared the Premier League Golden Boot award at the end of the previous season.

Boss Conte looks to be debating whether to start the 30-year-old against an out-of-shape opponent in the form of today’s guests Leicester or give him a much-needed break.

“I believe Sonny is undoubtedly unhappy because he is not scoring,” he remarked.

“It’s understandable, and I like that he seems a little upset about it since it indicates that he wants to attempt to alter it and also that we need it. We are discussing Sonny, who is a crucial player for us.

It can happen at the same time because playing large-scale games can make you mentally and physically a little exhausted.

He might not be able to play right away in some games, much like Harry Kane did. But only to keep him safe, give him a chance to rest, preserve his vitality, and help us win.

We’re talking about people that make key decisions throughout games, and we need to constantly have these individuals at the top.”

Son last came off the bench in a Premier League game while completely fit during a game at Bournemouth in the summer of 2020.

Since then, the South Korean has played nearly all of Tottenham’s available time and has scored 20 goals in each of the last two seasons.

“The following season is harder when you score a lot of goals because you don’t start as the underdog but rather with Mohamed Salah as the top scorer,” according to Conte.

“But when you don’t (score), the confidence definitely drops a little.

Sonny has a lot of credit with me, with his teammates, with the supporters, and with the entire atmosphere.

And I think a strong player copes with this scenario, faces this issue, and overcomes this situation. This is why I’ll never have a problem with Sonny.”

In an effort to get over their Champions League setback from last week, Antonio Conte’s team hosts Leicester City.

It should go without saying that they’ll want to recover quickly. Chris Sutton predicts they will carry out their plan in light of that.

In addition, the former Premier League champion believes Son Heung-min will perform better after a shaky start to the season.

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