Carlo Ancelotti addresses surging speculation about Karim Benzema ‘saving himself’ ahead of the World Cup 

Carlo Ancelotti addresses surging speculation about Karim Benzema ‘saving himself’ ahead of the World Cup 

Karim Benzema will be expecting to help France defend their world championship at the World Cup, and Carlo Ancelotti is certain that the rumors that he is reserving himself for that event are untrue.

Given that the World Cup is in the middle of the season and that Benzema is 34 years old and not exactly a spring chicken, there have been rumors that he has been holding out for the tournament in Qatar.

He has only started seven La Liga games this year, and he has only played in half of Real Madrid’s group-stage games in the Champions League.

However, Carlo Ancelotti has refuted suggestions that Karim Benzema is keeping himself safe for the World Cup by sitting out more Real Madrid games.

The fact that Benzema has only started 11 of a possible 20 games for Real Madrid this season, according to the Italian boss, has not worried him.

Even though he hasn’t played in Los Blancos’ last two matches against Girona and Rayo Vallecano, the Ballon d’Or winner has still managed six goals.

In a news conference before his team’s final game before the mid-season World Cup break, the Italian said, “Nothing has bothered me; he hasn’t been able to help the squad, but he has tried.

He hasn’t been able to return because of this minor inconvenience.
I have nothing to say to you.

Karim is the first person harmed because he didn’t get the necessary practice time before the World Cup to be in top shape. It’s rubbish, and I don’t believe it. It’s not a major issue.

No, the most recent discomfort is unimportant, and in reality, it is only a minor inconvenience.”

Benzema hasn’t joined the team despite receiving the all-clear from the Spanish Titans’ medical staff because he says he doesn’t feel fully healthy.

Because of this, the Frenchman has only played 26 minutes of football in his club’s previous five games, entering the game against Celtic in the Champions League off the bench.

And as his manager has noted, if the 34-year-old were to save himself for the World Cup, he would arrive with a lack of match fitness and be well behind schedule, putting him at a disadvantage against his club.

Prior to the World Cup, which is being hosted in the middle of the season because the summer temperatures in Qatar are believed to be too high to play football in, several of the game’s top stars have been sidelined by last-minute injuries.

Reece James of England and Ben Chilwell, a teammate at Chelsea who suffered a hamstring injury against Dinamo Zagreb earlier in November, have been left out of the England squad.

Paul Pogba, the French World Cup winner, Portuguese attacker Diogo Jota, and Brazilian playmaker Philippe Coutinho are among those who have been excluded from the competition.

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