Cristiano Ronaldo Has Ultimately Assumed His New Manchester United Position, Following A Dressing Room Inquiry.

Cristiano Ronaldo Has Ultimately Assumed His New Manchester United Position, Following A Dressing Room Inquiry.

Cristiano Ronaldo was hesitant to take on a new job at Manchester United at the start of the season, but it looks like he has finally caved in after being pushed by the dressing room and Ralf Rangnick.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still teaching Anthony Elanga, even though there are rumors of him becoming the next captain of Manchester United. 

At Old Trafford, the Swedish prodigy has enjoyed a breakout season, offering a bright light in an otherwise dreadful season for the club.

Under Erik ten Hag, the 20-year-old is improving game by game and appears to have a bright future.  

Elanga went on to say that Ronaldo has been essential in his progress this season, as he has always given him advice on how to improve as a player.

“I chat to Cristiano a lot in training and he’s always providing me with advice,” he told Sky Sports.

The Portugal international was hesitant to take on the task at the start of the season, but after being pushed by the dressing room and interim manager Ralf Rangnick, he looks to have finally accepted it.

The groundwork was laid in October, when he interrupted then-manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s half-time team talk against Atalanta at Old Trafford in the Champions League group stage, with United losing 2-0.

According to The Sun, Ronaldo made it clear to his teammates that the first half performance was lacking, asking, “Are you not ashamed?” in a bid to spur up his teammates against the second half.

The strategy looked to work, as the Red Devils scored a 3-2 comeback goal in stoppage time. 

Following the incident, Manchester United players requested that he play a “bigger role” in the locker room in order to strengthen the players’ relationships with the coaching staff.

Given that he had just returned to Old Trafford a few months before the incident, the 37-year-old was willing for skipper Harry Maguire, who is generally the team’s authoritative voice in the dressing room, to continue as the primary speaker.

Rangnick urged Ronaldo to utilize his authority in the dressing room to coach United’s youthful core as the season went on.

Amid claims that Ronaldo was about to take the captain’s armband away from Maguire owing to his troubles this season.

Ronaldo looks to have caved in and taken Elanga under his wing, and United have reaped the benefits with the winger in excellent form in the second half of the season. 

According to Elanga, Ronaldo is often chatting to him and assisting him in his development.

“You can see his record and the number of goals he’s scored in the Premier League, which I believe is presently above 100,” the Swede said.

“Speaking with someone who knows what it takes to climb to the top is more than suitable.

And, sure, we have a pre-game or even during-game conversation.

He’ll chat to me and Sancho about what we can do in the game to affect the game, and having someone like him on the squad is vital.

He’s someone I look up to, talk to, and seek direction from, and working with him is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” He added.

When he set up one of Ronaldo’s hat-trick goals against Norwich, the two created a new Premier League record for the largest age gap between an assist maker and a goal scorer, with a gap of 17 years. 

Elanga was also invited to participate in Ronaldo’s famous double ‘Siuu’ goal celebration. He noted, “The double ‘Siuu’ was a fantastic moment.”

“It was unexpected.” When he said “let’s try it,” I responded “good enough,” but I didn’t get in the air right.

I went ahead and did it anyhow, and it was a terrific experience.

Ronaldo has instructed Elanga to look for each other whenever they make an aggressive run into the area.

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