Darwin Nunez Silences Criticism With Stunning 4 Goals In 45 Minutes Against RB Leipzig

Darwin Nunez Silences Criticism With Stunning 4 Goals In 45 Minutes Against RB Leipzig

Darwin Nunez, a newcomer at Liverpool, made a strong early impression by scoring four goals in a preseason game in which his new teammates had full faith in him to deliver.

After receiving some early criticism in his Liverpool career, Darwin Nunez got off to a strong start with four goals, with his teammates never worried.

Three games into his Liverpool career and Darwin Nunez is effectively up and running.

It’s fantastic news for Jurgen Klopp. Even though it is only the preseason, the Reds manager’s smile is back, which can only be bad news for his rivals.

In preseason, the club record signing passed up some early opportunities, which raised red flags for some on social media as he attempts to fill the vacuum left by the prolific Sadio Mane.

Nunez demonstrated his attacking prowess against RB Leipzig by scoring four goals in a 5-0 hammering.

Nunez scored 34 goals for Benfica the previous season, so it is evident that he knows where the goal is.

Mohamed Salah’s calm finish to start the scoring in the eighth minute propelled the Reds to a decisive victory at Red Bull Arena on Thursday night.

Nunez came on in the second half and scored four goals before the friendly was over, his first goals since joining the team in the summer.

As is frequently the case, one goal quickly led to two.

After winning possession of the ball high up the field three minutes later, Trent Alexander-Arnold aided Nunez, who finished precisely with his right foot.

Midway through the second half, he completed his hat-trick before scoring his fourth goal and Liverpool’s fifth in the waning seconds.

Andy Robertson, a left back for Liverpool, has remained a mainstay during the Jurgen Klopp era despite a number of new players arriving with varied levels of anticipation.

Although he acknowledges that adaptability is a constant, he never gave Nunez’s charge any thought.

Instead, the Reds team has enjoyed watching their Uruguayan colleague succeed so quickly as his performance has dissuaded skeptics.

Jurgen Klopp has been eager to defend his recent addition, who was destined to draw further criticism given his high-profile move.

Liverpool traveled overnight to Austria, where they will spend a week preparing for and playing a match against Salzburg on Wednesday.

Then, a week from Saturday, the Community Shield at Leicester takes place against Manchester City before the Premier League season kicks off on August 6 at Fulham.

Nunez should be ready to go again at these matches. The Reds’ attack appears to be a tantalizing proposition going into the new season.

With Salah scoring, Firmino and Luis Diaz humming, Carvalho and Elliott battling hard behind them, not to mention the return of Diogo Jota from injury.

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