Erik Ten Hag Offers Harry Maguire Advice As Regards Current Man United Woes

Erik Ten Hag Offers Harry Maguire Advice As Regards Current Man United Woes

The new Manchester United manager has made it clear to Harry Maguire what he needs to do in order to try to quell the enraged boos of the team’s supporters while on their preseason tour.

Harry Maguire has been advised by Erik ten Hag that playing well regularly is the only way to quell his critics.

During Tuesday’s 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace in Melbourne, the Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire, received some boos from the crowd.

In the first half, the audience booed every time Maguire touched the ball, albeit the jeers diminished the better the England defender played.

Ten Hag was aware of the taunts during the Palace game, but he thinks that performances are the only way to put an end to them.

Although it didn’t stop the negative reaction to him in Melbourne, Ten Hag has backed Maguire to keep the captaincy and said that he regards him as a first-choice center defender alongside Lisandro Martinez.

Prior to tomorrow’s match against Aston Villa, United’s final tour game in Australia, Ten Hag cautioned Maguire in Perth that the only way he could halt the whistles and jeers is by continuing to play at a high level.

“About Maguire, we heard it, but you see, if you perform, it slows down.

I believe that the way we played impressed the team, as well as Harry Maguire.

It doesn’t seem like the right way to determine whether I comprehend something. How can we change it? is the topic.

So it’s the team and Harry himself, by performing. That is what we’re working on, that is the only focus.”

Prior to the start of the new season, Ten Hag reserved special appreciation for United midfielder Fred, praising the Brazilian as an underappreciated yet essential member of his team.

According to Ten Hag, “He is currently playing as a connecter, defending to offence.

He is doing a good job of playing the part. I am pleased with his performance and progress.

He might even be able to improve. He has my support in doing that. He also energizes the group with his attitude.”

Due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence from the tour and uncertain future, Anthony Martial will likely start in front of Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, and Jadon Sancho in United’s front four when the team hosts Brighton on August 7.

Ten Hag praised the four for their on-tour chemistry, saying, “You see, they connect incredibly well together.

The team is lucky, and I believe you are lucky as a manager when you witness that.

We have a danger. We have weapons. We must constantly develop and upgrade them.”

Last season, the 29-year-old received harsh criticism for both his play and his leadership as United’s campaign fell apart.

As a result, some supporters demanded that Maguire lose his captaincy. Ten Hag made the decision to stand by the England defender, though.

Ten Hag is solely concerned with how they might alter that narrative; he is not attempting to figure out why there is so much unfavorable talk about his leader.

With a chance to end the tour with a fourth consecutive victory, Maguire will captain United against Aston Villa tomorrow in Perth.

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