Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid Exit Opens Up A Potential Man United Signing

Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid Exit Opens Up A Potential Man United Signing

Gareth Bale has made public his exit from Real Madrid following his contract expiration, and the Welshman has been linked with a transfer to Manchester United now that he is a free agent.

After failing to sign Gareth Bale on two different occasions, Manchester United now has a free hand. 

The Welshman confirmed his departure from Real Madrid with a goodbye letter shared on Twitter, as his contract with the Spanish giants expires following their Champions League triumph against Liverpool.

What comes next for the Welsh international is now a topic of debate. After a trophy-laden nine years at the Bernabeu, Bale’s Madrid won their fifth European title.

In terms of the burning question on everyone’s mind right now, it’s unclear what will happen next for Bale, who has been linked with a move away from club football to focus on international football with Wales, who are just one game away from qualifying for the World Cup at the end of the year.

Given United’s two prior efforts to sign him, it’s unavoidable that he’ll be associated with the club.

The Red Devils attempted to sign a 17-year-old Bale, but he ultimately signed with Tottenham Hotspur.

According to The Athletic, Manchester United were a real alternative for Bale since Sir Alex Ferguson’s side offered him a larger salary than Tottenham. 

Bale chose Spurs over United because he wanted regular first-team minutes and Ryan Giggs was well entrenched at United, limiting his playing time.

Jonathan Barnett, the Welshman’s agent, stated, “We declined larger sums of money since it was not a priority at the time.

What counts is his professional route and the finest chance. And we do the same thing with each player. Money is on its way.

In terms of where he places his players and how he plans, I have the highest admiration for Mino [Raiola]. He’s a genius in every sense of the word. That is exactly the case.”

Barnett also stressed the necessity of players making decisions at the appropriate moment, saying, “A move should be made at the proper time.

There is also an incorrect timing. And you don’t always realize it when you’re a young agent.”

“I had a young player for a long time who was playing for a medium-sized team, and a very huge club came in for him.

Listen, Jonathan, he’s a phenomenal talent, but he’ll need at least another year. He’s not ready.” the coach remarked over the phone. 

“I didn’t pay attention because I assumed I already knew everything there was to know.

The youngster expressed his desire to go. It happened because of my efforts. That youngster, on the other hand, was a complete failure at the club.

He went on to have a successful career, but not to the heights he deserved. That has always been at the back of my mind since I know now that he should have remained another year.”

When Madrid sent Bale out on loan in September 2020 following a spat with Zinedine Zidane, United made a second effort to recruit him, but Spurs stood in the way once again, as he chose to return to north London. 

With Bale now a free agent, it may be third time lucky for the Red Devils, but Erik ten Hag appears to be heading in a different direction as he begins his reconstruction this summer.

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