Hugo Lloris makes World Cup admission ahead of Sunday’s Final against Argentina

Hugo Lloris makes World Cup admission ahead of Sunday’s Final against Argentina

Despite the possibility of adding a new chapter to World Cup history, Hugo Lloris claims he is not contemplating it.

Lloris, a goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspur, guided France to victory in Russia in 2018 and is poised to do so once more in Qatar, with only Argentina standing in his way of making World Cup history.

After winning the 2018 World Cup, Tottenham goalkeeper Lloris, 35, may become the first captain to win back-to-back tournaments. Having the chance to lead France to another victory in the final on Sunday.

“I was fortunate enough to win the trophy with my teammates in 2018, and I am very proud of that, but I am focusing on the present now,” France captain Lloris said.

“The past is where things from the past belong. Our goal is to write our own history. The match will be the hardest of the competition, so we must be prepared for anything.

We will need to work extremely hard, work together, and complete the task as effectively as we can.

Although very few people initially had faith in us, we are currently in the championship game and will do all in our power to win it.”

Lloris is regarded as the team’s cool-headed captain, but the France team pays attention to him in the locker room, and he will address his players before the Final.

“I do prefer to be someone who keeps calm in general, but like anyone, emotions may take over, and I do talk a lot in the locker room sometimes, and that is part of being a footballer, and these are things you can’t really control,” Lloris continued.

“What occurs in the dressing room before a performance is not always planned; it is more often spontaneous and depends on my mood.

The situation and the adversary were different four years ago. We engaged in many contests. I think the game tomorrow will be very different.

We are looking forward to making history in our own unique way. Although we have already accomplished a lot, the final game is the hardest.”

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