Jack Grealish reacts to a “great day” against Man United in Man City’s 6-3 victory

Jack Grealish reacts to a “great day” against Man United in Man City’s 6-3 victory

Jack Grealish of Manchester City celebrated a “great day in office” while posting on social media about his team’s derby-day demolition of Manchester United.

Grealish stood out in his team’s convincing victory, humiliating United right-back Diogo Dalot all day.

The England international will be pleased with his efforts at the Etihad Stadium despite the fact that he was held off the scoreboard himself.

To his Instagram followers, he revealed why he chose to celebrate the well-known win for Pep Guardiola’s team.

First, he shared a number of images from the victory, including one with Erling Haaland, who scored a hat-trick, and one from the victorious City dressing room.

Grealish penned the message as follows: “Offftttt… What a day at the Etihad!! “Manchester is Blue”.

The winger displayed Casemiro, the star of Manchester United, down on the ground in the third image he used.

At the hour mark, Casemiro stepped off the bench and was promptly embarrassed by the City star.

Grealish took possession of the ball just outside the penalty area and then advanced into it.

Casemiro, a Brazilian international, moved in to try to tackle the winger and slid to the ground in an effort to win the ball.

However, Grealish, however, tugged the ball back and instead proceeded down the line, leaving the United substitute on the ground before he could act.

Long after the final buzzer sounded, Grealish published a narrative on Instagram in response to his post.

A Chinese takeout was placed on the table in front of the Englishman and his two companions in the photo.

Grealish finished what seemed to be a rice dish and celebrated his team’s victory with the following caption: “Excellent day at work. Chinese to round it off.”

Guardiola, the City manager, praised the winger’s performance even if he failed to score or provide an assist.

When asked about Haaland, he told Viaplay: ”I’m overjoyed. It’s not a matter of winning or losing, although we naturally want to succeed constantly.

The way they train and concentrate over the course of two or three days. It’s great. It is a group activity. The highlights for Erling make sense to me. It’s typical and ideal.

One of the most amazing things is Erling’s acceptance of the fact that Kevin is our best and most crucial player, even though he has the highlights.

They put their egos aside and support one another. The same is true in team sports.”

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