Jadon Sancho praises Erik Ten Hag for ‘lifting the fog of confusion’ at Old Trafford

Jadon Sancho praises Erik Ten Hag for ‘lifting the fog of confusion’ at Old Trafford

Jadon Sancho claims that Erik ten Hag has lifted the fog of confusion that has been hanging over Old Trafford.

Manchester United’s performance under their new manager has significantly improved since the calamity of consecutive losses in their first two Premier League games.

After the team’s third straight victory after a rocky start to the season, the England international acknowledged a newfound clarity in the organization. 

Sancho has started each Premier League game thus far, and his performance has improved having scored the game-winning goal against Leicester on Thursday.

When asked how the team managed the turn around in luck, Sancho said, “We just adhered to the game-plan.”

“We are improving every session, which is what the manager wants. Everyone is now enjoying it because we are blending nicely and playing more in his manner.

We have a style of play, and part of that is simply knowing how smart each of our guys is as we get to know one another.

We now have more knowledge and a clearer plan of action, particularly for some portions of the pitch. 

And everyone on the field is giving it their all. We’re putting it in, and in order to see benefits, we must keep contributing that.” 

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A wake-up call came with the disaster at the Brentford Community Stadium.

The chorus of criticism that had been swirling around Ten Hag and his expensively assembled team has died down thanks to three straight victories and impressive transfer market swoops.

They’ve now won three straight games. In order to continue on this streak, they have to win more. Sancho is preparing as well.

He contributed fully, scoring twice in three straight games, the first time the team has accomplished that accomplishment since April 2021.

“That’s a long time for a club like this, “he remarked.

“Although it’s been appreciated, the most crucial factor is the team’s performance, because when the team does well, individual moments do emerge. I must therefore continue in this pattern.

Although I believe I still have more to offer, I feel good and like I’m having a wonderful time both on and off the field.”

Ten Hag was thrilled with the clean sheet and eager to show that the situation was improving while also emphasizing that this team was far from perfect.

On Sunday night, Arsenal will play at Old Trafford, and the Dutchman thinks the team has adapted to what manager Mikel Arteta wants.

“They are formidable rivals. As we all know, they are off to a great start. This group of players works closely with the coach.

You can tell what he believes. To begin the game, we will select the best XI.”

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