Jamie Carragher shares telling Erling Haaland comments in response to recent Man City claims

Jamie Carragher shares telling Erling Haaland comments in response to recent Man City claims

Jamie Carragher acknowledges that Erling Haaland hasn’t necessarily improved the champions as a team, but he disputes the notion that Manchester City would have been better off without him.

Erling Haaland has not weakened Manchester City, according to Jamie Carragher, who also acknowledged that the Norwegian attacker hasn’t necessarily improved Pep Guardiola’s team either.

Following his sensational summer transfer from Borussia Dortmund, Haaland has exploded onto the Premier League scene, scoring 21 goals in just 17 league games.

Haaland has been under scrutiny after blanking in three straight games, but City has recently been in a slump after winning just two of their last five league games.

Some have even gone so far as to say that City, who flourished last year without an orthodox striker, are having trouble adjusting to life with an out-and-out No. 9 and could have been better off without Haaland.

Carragher doesn’t quite concur with that idea, but he does acknowledge that rather than improving Manchester City, the Premier League’s top scorer has made the team “different.”

When asked if Haaland had improved or worsened City, Carragher responded to Sky Sports: “I don’t think it’s either; it implies they’re different.

At the beginning of the season, I stated that adding Haaland would not ensure Manchester City would win the league, but rather that they would be a different group of players.

He will score a lot of goals, but City typically needs about 90 points to win the title, so you can’t really get much more than that.

They weren’t necessarily going to be a better squad for me; they were simply going to be different.

They were just going to be a different team. Manchester City is now in a bit of a slump, but I expect them to turn things around. I believe City will defeat Spurs.”

Last weekend’s Manchester derby saw Haaland fail to have an impact, and Guardiola acknowledged that City needed to figure out a way to utilize the goal machine more frequently.

Guardiola said of Haaland following City’s defeat at Old Trafford, “At the moment, we have that process because it’s more difficult when teams are sitting in their 18-yard box.

However, Haaland must be discovered a little more thoroughly. While it is true that you must look at him when looking at regions, he had sufficient touches.”

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