Jesse Lingard makes telling claim ahead of his Man United return

Jesse Lingard makes telling claim ahead of his Man United return

As he gets ready for his much-anticipated comeback to Manchester United later this month, Jesse Lingard has claimed that certain fans and players “misunderstand” him.

When Jesse Lingard’s Nottingham Forest team visits Manchester United on December 27, it will be the first time since he left the team.

Just before the World Cup break, the 30-year-old scored his first goal for Nottingham Forest and was starting to feel comfortable again after being reinserted into the Reds’ starting lineup.

After moving to The City Ground on a free transfer in the summer, Lingard had trouble finding his form early in the season.

But Lingard scored his first goal for the team last month when they defeated Tottenham 2-0; this was a significant milestone for the attacking midfielder.

When Forest returns to action against Blackburn Rovers in the Carabao Cup next Wednesday, Lingard will be eager to aid the team to additional victories.

All of this is taking place before Forest’s first Premier League match against United on December 27. Lingard must be looking forward to this match because he chose not to extend his contract with the team.

Before the game, Lingard discussed how some people misinterpret him and described how he genuinely conducts himself on and off the field.

“Am I misunderstood?” he asked, speaking to The Athletic. “Yes, on occasion. But I enjoy working out. I adore football. I enjoy playing games. I want to work hard all the time.

When I work hard, that is how you can get the best out of me. The crowd may cheer after a successful tackle or simply see something that makes them sit up and say, ‘He is on it today.’

That intensity is necessary. I enjoy winning. I could spend all day on the practice field. But shouldn’t the hard work aspect of things be rather typical for any professional?

Sometimes people don’t understand me. But I’ll just keep going. I’ll carry on as usual and ignore the hubbub.”

Lingard has previously experienced criticism for his behavior off the field, particularly after he launched the clothing line “JLingz” the week before his team’s match against Liverpool in December 2018.

Although Lingard’s brand also supports an esports team, he believes that football has always been his top concern.

“It requires equilibrium. But football is my favorite sport. This is the love I will have, no matter what. When I train, I give it my all.

But when I get home, I can work on the business side of things. It takes your mind off things,” he continued.

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