Jose Mourinho’s Prediction For Paul Pogba Not Fulfilled As The Player Sets To Exit Man United

Jose Mourinho’s Prediction For Paul Pogba Not Fulfilled As The Player Sets To Exit Man United

Pogba has fallen short of the lofty expectations many had for him upon his return to Manchester United, particularly those of Jose Mourinho, who tipped him for greatness.

Paul Pogba is on the verge of leaving Manchester United for the second time, having completed his playing contract before departing the club on a free transfer.

Since re-joining in 2016 for a club-record cost of £89 million, the Frenchman has had a tumultuous second term with the club.

Given the amount of money spent on the former United youth product, many people anticipated Pogba would help the club write a memorable chapter in its contemporary history.

The reality has been very different, with the midfielder leaving Old Trafford with only the League Cup and the Europa League to show for his efforts.

Pogba’s performances for his nation have always appeared to overshadow those for his club, but the potential at his disposal was never in doubt.

Jose Mourinho, the self-proclaimed “special one,” was in charge of the Red Devils at the time of Pogba’s arrival and declared that after clinching his signing, the sky was the limit for the Frenchman.

“He has the opportunity to remain at the heart of this club for the next decade and beyond.” stated the Portuguese coach.

Pogba was as flattering in the opposite direction, saying that he had talked to several of his international teammates who had previously played for Mourinho.

“He [Mourinho] gave me energy, he gave me positivity, and everyone said he’s the coach for me—he’ll push me to grow and work more.”

“Looking back six years on the comments, the scenario could not have turned out any differently.” Said the player.

Pogba’s work rate has been questioned during his tenure at Old Trafford, most notably under Jose Mourinho, a boss for whom many players have given their all.

Despite the fact that Pogba won both of United’s trophies under Mourinho, their relationship worsened and became particularly nasty.

“Everyone witnessed when I had a good connection with Mourinho, and the following day you don’t know what happened.” Pogba told Sky Sports in April of last year.  

“That’s the bizarre thing about Mourinho that I can’t express to you because even I don’t understand.” He added.

Towards the conclusion of Mourinho’s term, the two were seen engaged in what seemed to be a furious verbal argument during a training session.

It would be unfair to blame Mourinho for all of Pogba’s shortcomings, but it didn’t help the Frenchman shake off some of the labels that seemed to hover over his head. Six years after his return, the outcome is not what many would have predicted.

Last month, the 29-year-old experienced probably the lowest moment of either of his United careers when he was booed off the pitch by his own fans during a 3-2 home win against Norwich.

The bulk of the Old Trafford faithful booing Pogba is a striking reflection of how low his status has sunk-at least in their view. Not in the eyes of several of Europe’s most powerful clubs, it appears.

Pogba has been linked with free transfers to Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and even Manchester City.

When you consider how dismal his form has been at United, the list of possible suitors is probably astonishing.

All of the aforementioned clubs appear to be out of the running for Pogba, with a return to Juventus-the club for which he played between United periods-looking increasingly plausible as the summer transfer window approaches.

In Turin, the player’s agents met with club officials to work out the specifics of a prospective transition, which would put an end to one of the most talked about, contested, and polarizing players in the contemporary Premier League period.

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