Jurgen Klopp heaps praises on Jude Bellingham as Liverpool’s links with the player surges on

Jurgen Klopp heaps praises on Jude Bellingham as Liverpool’s links with the player surges on

Jude Bellingham of Borussia Dortmund has been linked to a summer transfer to Liverpool, and manager Jurgen Klopp has discussed the player and called him “exceptional.”

Due to Jude Bellingham’s World Cup performance, among others, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and Real Madrid continued to show interest in him, driving up his transfer value.

Jurgen Klopp is rumored to be a great fan, and the Reds have previously been linked with an interest in Bellingham.

Borussia Dortmund, his current club, is reportedly prepared to sell him. Although a valuation of £100 million has been given, there are rumors that the Bundesliga club would only require an initial payment of £83 million and that a structured purchase may cost as much as £130 million.

With Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Chelsea all apparently interested in Bellingham, Dortmund’s chances of receiving the best possible deal may depend on multiple clubs competing for his services.

The Reds are now said to be at the front of the line of clubs hoping to land the England international.

“Bellingham is just exceptional,” according to Jurgen Klopp. “He acts very adult, like a man of 28. Everyone was previously aware of his abilities, but I have no idea what that means in terms of the financial aspect.”

Speaking in advance of the Boxing Day games, Klopp acknowledged his open admiration for the player but declined to estimate his worth.

“I prefer not to bring up money when discussing a player like him. Everyone can see how great he is.” He informed the media.

“If you mention to someone who has no idea about football or who knows about football but hasn’t seen it in a while, ‘How old do you believe Jude Bellingham is?’ I don’t believe anyone would come close.

Because of how maturely he plays, they would guess 28 or 29. He had an outstanding World Cup performance. The things he can perform are tough to learn, yet the things he can improve on are simple to learn, which is an excellent way to define him.”

In preparation for a summer competition, Liverpool is stepping up their interest in Bellingham. However, they will be up against competition from Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea.

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