Jurgen Klopp shares unreserved comments following Liverpool’s 3-1 loss to Brentford

Jurgen Klopp shares unreserved comments following Liverpool’s 3-1 loss to Brentford

Brentford defeated Liverpool 3-1 on Monday, and Jurgen Klopp lauded them as a “smart” squad while explaining how they “stretched the rules” in doing so.

Reds manager John Klopp praised the performance of the home team while also criticizing several of the refereeing decisions.

After conceding an own goal by Ibrahima Konate and a goal by Yoane Wissa, who also had two further attempts disallowed for offside, Liverpool’s chances of finishing in the top four were dashed in west London as the Bees emerged as deserving winners.

Following Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s goal to tie the score, Bryan Mbeumo added a third goal to give the hosts the victory.

Many felt that Reds manager Klopp was looking for an excuse when he told Sky Sports after the game that Brentford “stretched the rules,” but in the written press conference after the game, he argued that they were “smart” for doing so.

In response to a question regarding Bees manager Thomas Frank, he stated: “Not only is he a fantastic coach, but also a good guy. That doesn’t mean that we will always agree on matters that arise incidentally, but I value the work he performs greatly.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say that they break the rules in offensive set-pieces, which they do. They are intelligent, but they act. Five fouls would be there if you singled out every circumstance.

However, nobody notices it due to the chaos. That’s what they do, and it’s great. They respond differently to various stimuli. They behave in this manner when playing us, but when playing other teams, they play wonderful football.

They should be extremely glad that he’s under contract till 2037 or whenever because he’s doing a terrific job! Many years! Everything is excellent—nice club, great ambiance—aside from the outcome.

He continued in reference to Liverpool’s loss;
“The second goal decided it. We ought to have performed better, and the third goal shouldn’t have been allowed. Brentford has the opportunity to cause pandemonium with these set-pieces, and they do so.

I greatly respect how skillfully they do things. It’s well-crafted and enjoyable. However, despite the game not being of the highest caliber, we had numerous opportunities.

We are aware that we must improve. We took the battle; it’s not that we didn’t give it our best effort, but we are to blame for the loss.”

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