Marc Cucurella Shares His Thoughts On The Christian Romero Hair Pull Saga

Marc Cucurella Shares His Thoughts On The Christian Romero Hair Pull Saga

Regarding his involvement in a spectacular conclusion to a dramatic home debut, Marc Cucurella has made a statement.

Before training this afternoon, the Spaniard spoke at a press conference at Cobham and responded to queries from the assembled journalists.

Cristian Romero of Tottenham pulled Chelsea newcomer, Marc Cucurella’s unique hair over the weekend, but referee Anthony Taylor did not penalize him during the game.

This summer, Marc Cucurella moved from Brighton & Hove Albion to Chelsea in a £62 million transfer.

The Chelsea player finds it incomprehensible why Cristian Romero, who pulled his hair during the Battle of Stamford Bridge, was not censored.

However, despite the incident, Chelsea’s £62 million wingback swears he will NOT be trimming his magnificent tumbleweed.

Cucurella, who committed to Chelsea earlier this month on a six-year deal, made an outstanding home debut in the contentious 2-2 draw with Tottenham on Sunday.

Controversy, goals, and fights both on and off the field characterized the game.

But just before Tottenham scored a last-second goal, there was a crucial moment that changed the course of the game.

Moments before Harry Kane’s 96th-minute equalizer for Spurs, the former Brighton defender was embroiled in a confrontation when Romero tugged on his plentiful mane so hard that Cucurella fell to the ground.

As neither referee Anthony Taylor nor VAR saw the need to step in and stop the incident, Tuchel Remarked, “Since when has it been okay to yank an opponent’s hair?”

Cucurella was questioned about the incident on Sunday where Cristian Romero dragged him to the ground by his hair after having earlier expressed his joy at joining Chelsea.

“For me it’s apparent” (what happened).

“I’m not sure what happened, but the referee sometimes makes good decisions and other times poor ones, but that’s football, so it’s not my problem. I’m just focused on the game.

We meet again in a few months, and this is another chance. Perhaps it’s not a crucial action because it has no bearing on the outcome.

I was aware that games against them are usually challenging, but the team played excellently, and we produced more opportunities to win the match.”

He responded when asked if he would cut his mane: “No. Never. This is my style.”

It is absurd that such obvious wrongdoing should go unpunished.

Romero’s yank on Cucurella’s barnet was as obvious as a steam engine driver tugging the whistle cord in his locomotive cab.

We can anticipate seeing Cucurella’s all-action style for many more years as he confirmed he will not be getting his hair chopped in the wake of the incident.

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