Martin Odegaard opens up with unreserved comments on Mikel Arteta’s training ground ideas

Martin Odegaard opens up with unreserved comments on Mikel Arteta’s training ground ideas

After admitting that Mikel Arteta’s theatrics before a game against Liverpool last season puzzled the players, Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has revealed that not all of the Spaniard’s unique motivational tactics resonate with the Gunners squad.

Martin Odegaard has discussed how the Arsenal team responded to one of Mikel Arteta’s more unconventional training ground suggestions.

After Amazon aired their “All or Nothing” docu-series concentrating on Arsenal’s 2021/22 season, the public was recently given behind-the-scenes access to Arteta’s techniques.

From the manager’s irate dressing room outbursts to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s expulsion, everything was caught on camera.

Even while the circumstances in the away dressing room at St. James’ Park after the Gunners had just given up their opportunities sparked a lot of jeers from opposing supporters, Arteta’s actions leading up to an away game against Liverpool were the ones that got everyone’s attention.

The Arsenal manager made the decision to force his players to practice in front of massive speakers that were playing You’ll Never Walk Alone before the game at Anfield in November last year.

The players were expected to become accustomed to playing in Liverpool’s stadium’s cacophonous environment so they wouldn’t be intimidated by the occasion on game night. “The proposal was one of my crazy ideas,” Arteta admitted.

The Gunners suffered a 4-0 beating as a result, so it was not a successful attempt, despite the fact that Arsenal made a strong early start and was able to calm the Anfield fans.

Ironically, Arteta, who recently got into a furious argument with Reds manager Jurgen Klopp on the sidelines, may be blamed for rousing them.

Since then, Odegaard has spoken about the training field strategy, describing what it was like to enter the training fields in north London and hear Liverpool’s customary pre-match anthem.

The Gunners captain stated to FourFourTwo: “When the music started playing, we were all a little bit perplexed. When we saw the speakers, we realized that Anfield might be the loudest stadium in the country. It was a good method to get the team ready.

Mikel is really inventive. He will always take the necessary steps to give the team the best possible preparation.

Meeting with him is always intriguing since you can learn new things and pick up tips, and he will teach you so many specifics about the game. It’s fantastic to get so much football knowledge.”

With the Gunners presently leading the Premier League after 14 games, Arteta would wish there were cameras recording this season.

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