Mikel Arteta Gave His 12-Month Evaluation, Which Indicated Development, But Arsenal Must Not Get Complacent.

Mikel Arteta Gave His 12-Month Evaluation, Which Indicated Development, But Arsenal Must Not Get Complacent.

Arsenal’s improvement over the last 12 months has been discussed by Mikel Arteta, but the Spaniard cannot be overconfident at this time since there is still much work to be done.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has confessed that the club is substantially different now than it was a year ago.

Arsenal were vying for a European berth this time last season, but they missed out for the first time in 26 years, but they now appear to be on track to qualify for the Champions League.

Arteta has long advised followers to “trust the process,” but a significant difference has just now become apparent.

Arteta has lofty plans for the future, and they’re well on their way to achieving them.

But the Spaniard isn’t resting on his laurels after showcasing how much the club has progressed in the previous year.

The best teams build on their success rather than settling for it, which is why Liverpool and Manchester City are so far ahead of the rest of the Premier League.

Even though they are great, they keep getting better and expect more from their players, not just resting on their laurels.

Arsenal were far from relaxing at the start of the season, as they got off to the worst conceivable start to a season without European action.

After three games, Arteta’s team had dropped to the bottom of the table, and the Spaniard’s job was at risk.

They’ve been a completely different team since then, and they’re unrecognisable from their previous incarnations, as Arteta mentioned in his pre-match news conference before Sunday’s encounter against West Ham.

He remarked, “We have a lot of different guys in the group, and we have a lot of different environments.

I believe that the solidarity that exists right now amongst the players, the staff, our supporters, and the outside world is unprecedented and really good for the team.

Obviously, the team’s grasp of what we want to achieve has improved dramatically.”

“The execution is far better, the results are much more consistent, and we’re constantly searching for ways to improve.

What you see today is most likely what we did a year ago. They must build on their hard work now that it is paying off and not take it for granted.

Sure, qualifying for the Champions League would be a huge accomplishment, but it should just be the beginning of a long road.” He added.

Arsenal hasn’t reached the Champions League final in 16 years, and their decline began after they nearly lost to Barcelona in the biggest game of all.

Arsenal have traditionally been a prominent European team, but they are presently struggling to even qualify for the Champions League.

Arteta must be tenacious and finish in the top four this season before moving on to the next stage of his reconstruction, which will require them to ratchet up their preparation.

Arsenal were mocked under Arsene Wenger for “always finishing fourth,” but it is now their goal, along with Manchester United and Tottenham, every season.

Arteta’s improvement over the last 12 months has been impressive, but he now has to push for even more success, as the Spaniard has proven that he is capable.

In the next phase of Arteta’s plan, they will have to improve their standards in order to make sure that they always finish in the top four, like they did under Wenger.

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