Neymar faces new illness set back amidst recovery from his initial ankle injury

Neymar faces new illness set back amidst recovery from his initial ankle injury

Neymar has now been hit by illness after missing Brazil Monday night’s 1-0 victory over Switzerland due to an ankle injury.

After informing the team doctor that he felt sick and had a headache, he was unable to join his teammates in the 974 Stadium.

The Brazilian international, injured his ankle during Brazil’s 2-0 victory over Serbia during the World Cup. He is planning to return before their Round of 16 match.

Neymar, who was discovered to have a fever, watched the game in his hotel room.

Following Casemiro of Manchester United’s incredible late winner to take Brazil into the round of 16 after two straight triumphs, he later tweeted that the player was the best midfielder in the world.

Vinicius Junior, a Real Madrid winger, confirmed: “Neymar stayed at the hotel with a fever. We all want him to make a full recovery from his illness and injury. Recently, there has been an illness spreading throughout the Brazil camp.”

Neymar, who left the opening 2-0 win against Serbia after being fouled nine times, is still hoping to be healthy for Brazil’s last group game against Cameroon on Friday.

Coach Tite is unlikely to risk his No. 10 until the knockout rounds start. He believes Brazil have demonstrated they can still be a threat even without their star.

“We will never compromise a player’s health or deploy a player who can’t play well. Our possibilities are plentiful. We have invested a full four years in building this team.

The triumph was earned through four years of using these athletes, training them, and gradually improving the team.”

Three days ago, Neymar provided an injury update on Instagram. The affection and pride he felt while wearing the shirt, he wrote, were indescribable.

“Brazil would be my choice for a place to be born if God offered me the option. Nothing in my life came naturally or was simple; I constantly had to work toward my aspirations.

Never wish anyone harm; instead, aid those in need. One of my most challenging days in my career has happened today—again, at the World Cup!

I’ve been hurt. Yes, it is annoying, but I’m confident I’ll get a second chance because I’ll work hard to support my nation, my teammates, and myself.”

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