Ray Parlour makes telling Jude Bellingham admission in line with his performance in the World Cup

Ray Parlour makes telling Jude Bellingham admission in line with his performance in the World Cup

Jude Bellingham scored England’s opening goal in the win against Iran on Monday and Arsenal hero Ray Parlour thinks the midfielder will have a great World Cup.

The 19-year-old midfielder from Borussia Dortmund, who scored the first goal in England’s 6-2 triumph over Iran in their World Cup opener on Monday, is expected to start against the United States on Friday.

“Bellingham will, in my opinion, have a fantastic tournament. He displayed maturity and scored a spectacular header against Iran.

He’s not like Declan Rice, who just sits in front of the back four, which is why I enjoy how he plays from box to box.

You know he can get forward at crucial moments and score goals as well. Bellingham is amazing for a person her age. His performance against Iran showed that nothing bothers him.

He joined Dortmund, where he has excelled on the field. He has performed well in important games like the Champions League.

Jude Bellingham has served as captain as well, so I believe he will be a great star—not just for this World Cup but for many more to come.”

Parlour, who in his playing days was also a midfielder, was impressed by Bellingham’s maturity. “Playing for your country is particularly exciting since you are aware of the stakes,” he continued.

“However, he simply seems to play games without seeming bothered by the occasion or donning that England shirt, and that is what you need.

The maturity he displayed You can see how crucial he is to Dortmund and how brave he was to travel to Germany at all at such a young age.

We’ll see him in the Premier League eventually, but when exactly remains to be seen. He is simply a joy to watch play.

If you have late runners in the box, it’s really wonderful to have. It was a wonderful ball in from Luke Shaw, as you could see from the goal, and Bellingham used good technique.

He only needed to direct it because he understood exactly what he was doing and that the pace was perfect.

It must be an incredible feeling for Jude to score his first England World Cup goal, and his family must be really proud of him as well.”

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