Xavi Hernandez shares unreserved comments on Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Barcelona’s Man United clash

Xavi Hernandez shares unreserved comments on Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Barcelona’s Man United clash

After finding out that his team had been paired up in the Europa League against Manchester United, Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez made telling comments on Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the play-off for the Europa League last-16 next year, Manchester United and Barcelona will square off, and Cristiano Ronaldo will face one of his longtime foes.

After placing second in their group, United was paired with the Spanish powerhouses for a play-off round prior to the Europa League last-16.

After placing third in Group C of the Champions League, behind Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, Barca has been demoted into the competition.

This highly historic match will be a rematch of their most recent encounter, which took place in the 2019 Champions League quarterfinals.

It implies that Xavi will play against Ronaldo, a player he frequently encountered when still managing Barcelona’s midfield rather than leading it.

During his nine years playing for Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored 20 goals against Barcelona, so Xavi is aware of how dangerous he can be when scoring.

The Barca manager was questioned about the kind of threat Ronaldo will offer to his team ahead of the two-legged match, which will take place in February.

He responded, “I think Ronaldo is a wonderful, great player. He has defined an era in world football and still has the ability to make a difference.”

In 16 games for United this season, Ronaldo has only contributed three goals and two assists after a turbulent summer in which he made many attempts to leave the team.

Erik ten Hag recently punished him for refusing to play against Tottenham, but he has since made amends and is now a regular starter.

Given that the match is scheduled for February 16, just a few days after the January transfer market has closed, it is unclear whether the 37-year-old striker will still be a United player by then.

It promises to be a significant fixture if he decides to stay put and complete the remainder of his contract, but Xavi would have preferred to avoid it.

“As in the Champions League group stage, the draw has handed us the most challenging foe again,” he continued.

“We were not fortunate. The worst thing we could hope for is Manchester United, a formidable adversary and storied organization.

They all have wonderful, unique traits, but I want to emphasize the collective they form. We’ll do our research and analyze the opposition as necessary.

Not only Cristiano, but we will also have to compete with a team that has advanced significantly under Ten Hag.

Since they are a significant, storied club, they will share our desire for victory.

Barcelona may have lost in the Champions League for the second straight season, but they are doing much better at home.

Two points ahead of rival Real Madrid, which dropped its unbeaten streak on Monday after losing 3-2 to Rayo Vallecano, Xavi’s team leads La Liga.

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